Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission:

To assist individuals in becoming active community members through our person-centered program of goal development and skill acquisition.

Our Vision:

To provide opportunities for individuals so they may reach their fullest potential.

Our Core Values:

Growth Inclusion Freedom Transformation = GIFT

We believe each of the individuals we serve possess unique gifts. It is through this belief that we fulfill our mission. We are fully committed to assisting each individual in the search for his or her GIFT. We know that when individuals learn to utilize their GIFTs, they will reach their optimal potential. Thusly, they improve the community in which they live and enrich their lives through productive community involvement.


We strongly believe that personal growth and development is the key to our services; therefore, our focus is on assisting individuals in finding their voices and developing skills that help them to discover their unique place in their community. This concept is manifested through the development and implementation of life plans that highlights each individual’s strengths, goals, and desires. Many processes are utilized in developing life plans, including evaluations completed by associated professionals; personal interviews with the individual, his or her family members, and key staff members; and direct observations. Additionally, we are committed to providing access to other individuals who need our services; therefore, responsible future expansion of our program may include smaller residential settings, expanded day supports, employment and vocational supports, and child development programs.


We believe that each individual has a right to be fully included in his or her community; consequently, we advocate for individuals’ increased integration into the neighborhoods in which they live, areas in which they shop, and places in which they worship. We also support individuals in finding employment options as well as pursuing recreation and leisure activities. Thereby, we offer increased opportunities for inclusion by assisting individuals in the acquisition of social skills that will allow them to flourish in multiple environments. We also encourage individuals to research community resources and try diverse activities in order to determine personal interests. Each individual served is encouraged to fully participate in community activities, thus increasing their social capital in the process. As an agency, we strive to be ambassadors to all individuals with disabilities; therefore, we actively participate in the development of inclusionary philosophy at the state and local levels.


We value the right of individuals to live the life of their choice. Such choices include where to live, work, recreate, and associate. We encourage individuals to make choices that are personally relevant because we feel that the choices people make cultivate their unique personalities and identities. In that vein, we allow individuals within our programs to experience the “dignity of risk” that people take when making choices. We encourage each individual to make substantial choices that improve the quality of his or her life through self-advocacy. We embolden individuals to advocate for themselves through skill development and connection with state and local self-advocacy groups. We understand that self-advocacy is vital to the process of helping people achieve their fullest potential. We also know that every staff member at every level of our agency must serve as an advocate and thusly offer the training and support necessary to help employees comprehend the enormity and importance of the advocate role. Advocacy is encouraged at all levels throughout the community and we assist staff in utilizing these skills.


We strongly adhere to the principle that we are privileged to serve each individual participating in our programs. Their personal goals and desires are always our primary concern. We also understand that the service delivery system is under constant change and augmentation; therefore, we remain devoted to transforming our services to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. We ensure that our resources are dedicated to the transformation of those systems to ensure the needs of the people in our programs are met, both now and in the future. We continually strive to follow local, state, and national evidence-based best practice trends and utilize this information when reviewing internal outcomes to ensure that the development of individuals served always comes first. As an agency, we utilize a quality assurance and improvement system that measures our success in the transformation of our organization and ensures that individuals served are growing in the areas of their lives most important to them.

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